Vinyl wrapping is a process of applying large sheets of vinyl to change a colour and finish of any vehicle. Vinyl wrapping can transform any vehicle, by way precisely wrapping it in the highest quality vinyl, so that the entire original paint colour, from doors to bumpers is not visible.

Car wrapping allows you to change the colour and finish of your car without the hassle or cost of a re-spray. At AKwraps, we make sure that each vinyl wrap is carefully fitted to fold around the edge and not just to the edge to provide extra protection.

Vinyl wrapping does not damage the paintwork on your car, in fact rather than harm the paint it actually preserves it from minor chips, scratches and environmental factors it may face. Plus, if any damage occurs to the vehicle we can simply replace the panel affected with a completely new wrap, making it easier and more affordable to replace.

Here are just a few benefitsĀ of wrapping your vehicle:

  • Protection from minor stone chips and abrasions
  • Easily removable with no damage to paintwork
  • Original factory paintwork is preserved
  • Cheaper and quicker than a complete respray

With the whole vehicle being custom wrapped in vinyl, it can completely change its look and style.


Full vehicle wraps

Vehicles can be partially wrapped allowing for part modifications such as bonnets, roofs, racing stripes etc.


Custom vehicle wraps

Vinyl wrapping is a hassle free way of personalising your bike, trike, race car, boat, yacht or any other vehicle


Alternative Vehicle wraps

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