Alternative Vehicle wraps


While you may be relatively new to the world of vehicle wrapping – where we can securely vinyl-wrap your car or van in a superb custom design or colour at your request – what you may not know is that we don’t just stop at standard road vehicles.  While most of our custom is generated from cars and vans looking for a new splash of paint or an advertisement emblazoning on the sides and back, we can even give smaller or even non-road vehicles a vinyl touch up at an extremely competitive rate.



If  you’re a motorbike user, you may well feel restricted by the colour or design that comes with your two-wheeled friend.  Not a problem – any colour, any style, we’ll provide a great-looking design for your bike in a matter of hours.  But what about those of you that prefer to travel on the water?  We’ve got you covered, too!  Yachts and boats can be easily wrapped by our expert team that will allow for water-resistant designs and insignias that will inspire, promote and even entice.  Whatever you need vinyl wrapping for, AKwraps literally has you covered.


It’s not just boats and bikes that we can handle additionally – you may well be surprised as to just how versatile we can be at such an affordable rate!  If you have a vehicle, be it land, sea or air, that’s in need of a touch-up or a slogan or two printed across its sides, contact us today and we’ll let you know exactly how we can help.  All you ever need to do is call 07808037192 or email!